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Orbit International Computer Design has been Striving to establish itself as Prominent Software Development and IT Service Provider Company.

— About Us

Orbit International Computer Design

Orbit International Computer Design offers services in the area of web development, web design, android and iOS mobile applications and development, software development, cross-platform development for mobiles, social media integration, and third party tool integrations.

We are team of experts, who are passionate about quality and enjoy sharing our experience. We are always willing to work and accept the challenges of finding the solutions you need.

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Our Services

Graphics Design

Our Professionals design graphics, considering the mood of the branding of the company, be it quirky to serious.

Web App Development

We ensure to deliver custom website design services. We are experts at designing responsive, fast-loading, and user-friendly websites that offer a consistent look and use across different web browsers.

Mobile App Development

We help our clients create great apps for iOS & Android platforms with app design, development, testing, and optimization.

We help people to build and expand their business

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Our Process

Resources gathering

After having a consultation, developers, and designers are assembled to discuss the technologies needed to be implemented.

Plan Formation

Elements like design, functions flowchart, front end, and backend operations are plotted to create a raw functioning model.

Technical Implementation

Different technologies are brought to use for different purposes like coding and graphic designing, and backend operations.


A working structure of the project is created which gives a raw idea of how the project is going to work and feel.

Try - Error

We take repetitive feedback from the clients for any further improvements till it becomes perfect


Final front-end operations are developed for the web/app’s feel and functionality.


The product is then tested for finding bugs or any mistakes to be corrected.


With a complete product, we launch the product on platforms (app store, play store, Internet)


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